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Click2Connect’s agent management equips organizations with the necessary tools to create effective support centers.
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What is Agent Management?

Agent management is a feature that allows to monitor and supervise agent activity. The feature basically aims to increase the efficiency of agents working on a single or several platforms through handling resource usage, collaboration, and assignments.

How Do You Effectively
Manage a Call Center & Agent?

Effective call center management requires various practices. Since a call center consists of well-trained agents, hiring and training the best candidates with good communication skills is a must.

Plus, assigning each agent the most fitting role and leading them to keep the communication lines open are the essentials of creating a functioning call center. Besides, proper scheduling and a well-designed workflow balance are the keys to enhancing the call center’s problem-solving ability.

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Agent Management Features

Click2Connect equips businesses with advanced agent management features. Thanks to the software’s well-designed dashboard, managers can see real-time status updates and performance metrics on agents’ work.

The application allows users to export reports on call activity and customer interactions, which helps them detect and fix the shortcomings of their operations.

Besides, the Click2Connect dashboard allows organizations to retrieve and download call records, which can be used to train new employees.

How Does Click2Connect Help with Agent Management?

Click2Connect handles agent performance management as a process that involves the betterment of customer service through monitoring agent performance. The agent management feature facilitates organizing the workflow and overall support process. Our omnichannel solution provides complete supervision over agent activity and operations on a wide variety of channels.

Since it allows agents to connect with customers with only one click, Click2Connect makes support operations more efficient. Besides, the software’s dashboard lets organizations retrieve and download call records, which can be used to train new employees.

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