Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click2Connect?

A communication platform providing chat, voice, and video calls, and messaging application integration for customer support. You can integrate Click2Connect to your contact center software.

How does Click2Connect improve customer interaction?

By offering browser-based calls, video calling, and advanced chat features for real-time customer support.

Can Click2Connect integrate with existing customer support systems?

Yes, it offers integration options for seamless connection with current contact center systems.

Is Click2Connect suitable for all types of businesses?

It is designed to cater to diverse business needs, customizable for different industry requirements.

What are the key features of Click2Connect?

Features include voice and video calls, chat options, agent management, and advanced reporting.

How does the Click2Connect widget work on websites?

The widget integrates with websites, allowing customers to connect directly from the site.

Is there a trial period for Click2Connect?

A 14-day free trial is available for new users to experience its capabilities.

How does Click2Connect ensure data security and privacy?

The platform adheres to strict security protocols to protect data and maintain privacy.

Can businesses customize their Click2Connect widget?

Yes, our widget integration allows customers to engage with your business directly from your website. Tailor its look and position to offer customized support.