Chat Recording

Click2Connect’s advanced chat recording feature allows saving custom support interactions for quality assurance and training purposes.

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What is a Chat Recording?

Chat recording is a feature that saves chat messages, voice calls, and video calls between agents and customers to allow supervisors to see former customer support interactions. Thanks to this feature, transcriptions of old conversations can be retrieved and viewed for a variety of purposes.

What is Chat Recording Used For?

The most common use of chat recording is for training purposes. When an organization hires new agents for their customer support team, they need to train these new agents to prepare them for every possible scenario. The records of previous conversations are helpful in such cases as they demonstrate good and bad customer interaction.

Chat recordings, just like call recordings, also help with quality assurance purposes. Supervisors can view chat, voice, and video call recordings to detect the weaknesses of their customer support team and help them overcome these weaknesses.


Click2Connect Recording Features

Click2Connect boasts comprehensive recording features that allow supervisors to retrieve and download live conversations. The software can record chat messages, voice calls, and video calls, storing these recordings for future use.

How Does Click2connect Help with Recording?

Click2Connect helps organizations and businesses with recording thanks to its ease of use. The software has a playback feature that offers easy download options that allow users to archive recordings without difficulty.

Besides, the easy-to-use dashboard of Click2Connect makes it easy to view past chat interactions between representatives and customers.

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Is Chat Recording Stored Securely?

Since data security is a priority for Click2Connect, the platform utilizes various protocols to keep customer data safe. Click2Connect uses its own servers, which boast industry-standard measures, to store chat history and other data.

Also, the platform utilizes powerful authentication mechanisms and encryptions to ensure that only authorized individuals can access stored data.