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Click2Connect Features

Click2Connect opens new doors of opportunity for delivering better and more advanced customer service. Thanks to the advanced reporting and agent management features, Click2Connect allows organizations to monitor their agents’ success. The platform provides effortless recording of voice calls and simultaneous translations for accessibility as well.

Click2Connect’s complete customization feature also means businesses can configure and change the appearance of their communication widgets to integrate them into their brand identity.

Advanced Reporting

Click2Connect’s advanced reporting features allow businesses to receive detailed reports on call and chat activities. With this information, organizations can evaluate the overall success of their customer interactions and monitor agent performance to detect the aspects that require improvement.

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Agent Management

Since an organization’s success relies on agents’ performance, a tool that provides helpful data on their work will allow faster growth. Click2Connect features an advanced dashboard with real-time status updates and performance metrics. This dashboard facilitates monitoring and managing agent performance.


Most businesses can benefit from call recordings for quality assurance, training purposes, or legal reasons. Click2Connect platform provides recording features that allow organizations to retrieve and download past phone calls easily.

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WebRTC Communication

Offering a smooth communication experience is the key to becoming the users’ primary choice. With Click2Connect’s cutting-edge WebRTC technology, businesses can provide their customers with high-definition video and voice interactions. The superior quality of communication will promote a more engaging process, resulting in more effective operations.

Simultaneous Chat Translations

Click2Connect connects with a wide variety of apps to foster an innovative approach to contact centers. One of the most helpful integrations of Click2Connect is Google Translate, which translates text messages from customers directly to the representative’s language. This way, businesses can reach out to their customers no matter where they live and which language they speak.