Video Call Software for Call Center Solutions

Click2Connect video chat for your customers offers you an advanced tool to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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How Does It Work?

Video chat for call center software works similarly to Click2Connect’s voice call feature. The primary difference is that the video call feature allows agents to communicate with customers via a video chat window. 

Agents can activate the video call feature via the chat window to offer a more comprehensive solution to complex customer inquiries. The video call feature works through WebRTC technology, and customers are not required to download a third-party application or software to participate in video conversations. As long as they have an internet connection, customers can join video calls without a hassle.

Features of Click2Connect
Video Call Software

Click2Connect video chat comes with advanced features to maximize customer satisfaction. Thus, implementing Click2Connect’s Video-enabled contact center on your website can dramatically improve how you connect with customers.


High-Quality Technology

You can provide your customers with high-quality video and audio calls thanks to high-quality technology.

Customizable Call Screens

You can use Click2Connect’s customizable call screens to fit video call screens into your brand colors and theme.

Chat During Calls

Click2Connect allows you to share files and text messages with customers through chat during video calls.


Call Recording Feature

With the platform’s call recording feature, you can retrieve and download previous video calls for quality assurance


Benefits of Video Chat for Consumers

The video call center software of Click2Connect has various benefits for consumers, turning customer support into an effortless process for them.

  • Video chat allows customers to receive more detailed responses to their inquiries.
  • As customers can express themselves better in video calls, Click2Connect’s video chat feature can help them with clarity.
  • Since video calls can be recorded, you can use previous calls to improve customer support quality and offer your customers better service.
  • Customers can receive more detailed instructions through video calls.