Advanced Reporting

Click2Connect’s advanced reporting features allow monitoring of real-time chat activity, demonstrating live chat performance in detail and providing valuable insights on agent performance.
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Why is Advanced Reporting Important?

Advanced reporting is a key feature that equips customer support centers with a necessary quality management tool to assess agent performance. This feature provides supervisors with actionable insights into the performance of call center operations. A customer support team can detect the shortcomings of their operations to offer better service through the analysis of this information. In the long run, careful assessment of status updates and performance metrics may help an organization gain customer loyalty.

Advanced Reporting Features

Boasting advanced reporting features, Click2Connect equips organizations with utile tools to perfect their customer support services. Through chat reporting, supervisors can access detailed reports on live chat and call activities. Also, Click2Connect allows easy retrieval and download of conversations, which helps quality management and performance tracking. Besides, through the platform’s dashboard, supervisors can monitor agent performance and receive insights into their operations.
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Performance Reporting: See Live Chat Performance in Detail

Click2Connect equips businesses with advanced agent management features. Thanks to the software’s well-designed dashboard, managers can see real-time status updates and performance metrics on agents’ work. The application allows users to export reports on call activity and customer interactions, which helps them detect and fix the shortcomings of their operations. Besides, the Click2Connect dashboard allows organizations to retrieve and download call records, which can be used to train new employees.

Monitoring Real-Time Chat Activity

Thanks to Click2Connect’s detailed dashboard, supervisors can access status updates and valuable metrics regarding team performance. Additionally, since the platform allows monitoring real-time chat activity, keeping track of agent performance becomes a more effortless process, providing organizations with more effective agent team management.
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Advanced Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting

As Click2Connect gives access to insightful data on ongoing support processes, supervisors can review this data to forecast possible scenarios and plan future operations. This data might also help detect the weaknesses of the support team and train agents to overcome those weaknesses, increasing their performance in the long term.