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All Solutions in One Place with All-In-One Widget

Contact centers interact with customers via diverse means of communication. Therefore, finding a well-designed widget that offers all these tools is the key to delivering superb service.

Click2Connect platform strives to provide organizations with all the necessary tools for better customer interactions. The software unifies chat, video call, and voice call features to deliver businesses a single widget to consolidate their customer support channels.

Why Do I Need Click2Connect
All-In-One Widget?

As customer loyalty and satisfaction are two essentials of building a successful business, organizations should always aim to offer outstanding service. The perfect way is to gain loyalty via a functioning customer support channel.

Considering that customer preferences greatly vary; such support channels should include various means of communication to foster seamless customer interactions. That’s why businesses and organizations should use a reliable and functional tool that brings efficient communication methods together to extend their reach.

Click2Connect All-in-One Widget achieves this by unifying different communication channels. Such as:


Customers can contact a representative through the live chat and find a solution to their problems without talking with an agent.

Voice calls

With Click2Connect’s WebRTC technology, customers can speak with an agent on the phone for their inquiries.

Video calls

Video call offers high-quality sessions between agents and customers in case of requiring authentication or visual support.


Easy and Fast Installation

Organizations and businesses can install the Click2Connect widget through an easy installation process. The software will be ready to use in only a matter of minutes.

Also, since WebRTC technology uses an internet connection to direct calls, the All-in-One chat widget doesn’t require a phone number or an operator to function.

Plus, the complete customization of Click2Connect allows cosmetic changes. Organizations can modify the widget’s appearance to fit their brand identity.

How Does Click2Connect Help with Agent Management?

Click2Connect handles agent performance management as a process that involves the betterment of customer service through monitoring agent performance.

The agent management feature facilitates organizing the workflow and overall support process. Our omnichannel solution provides complete supervision over agent activity and operations on a wide variety of channels.

Since it allows agents to connect with customers with only one click, Click2Connect makes support operations more efficient. Besides, the software’s dashboard lets organizations retrieve and download call records, which can be used to train new employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add All-in-one Chat Widget to a website?
Embedding an All-in-One chat widget to a website is a cost-efficient and fast process. You don’t need any additional tools or hardware to implement Click2Connect on your website. You can contact us to learn more about the widget’s installation process.
How long will it take to implement Click2Connect Software on the website?
Implementing Click2Connect software on the website is a fast and easy process. Your All-in-One chat widget will be ready to use in only a matter of minutes.
Is Click2Connect secure for customer data and communication?
Yes. Click2Connect software uses WebRTC, which utilizes encryption technology to offer more secure chat and calls.