Voice Call Software for Website

Click2Connect voice call software for customer support teams equips organizations with the necessary tools to offer the best service.

Call Recording
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How Does It Work?

Click2Connect voice call feature works similarly to the live chat, yet it uses a call in lieu of text messages. Once the software is integrated into the website, it becomes ready to use. It can be activated via the chat window to communicate with the customer.

Since the voice call feature is more convenient and easier to use, it is an essential tool for customer support. Companies and organizations may use this feature for customer relations or customer services in order to facilitate exchanges.

Features of Click2Connect Voice Call Software

Click2Connect’s web-based voice call solution enhances the operations of customer support centers by equipping them with advanced features.

WebRTC Technology

Click2Connect utilizes WebRTC technology to offer instant and high-quality voice calls.


The platform works on all major modern browsers to extend your reach to customers.

Valuable Insights

Click2Connect’s call analytics provide valuable insights into customer interactions.

International Calls

It supports international calls so it allows reaching out to all customers, Worldwide Reach.

Voice Recording

Record, view, and download old voice calls for various purposes, including quality assurance and agent training.

Call Monitoring

Monitor your team’s performance via our call monitoring feature. You can listen to real-time voice calls and guide them.

Simultaneous Calls

Click2Connect efficiently manages high call volumes to allow your customer center to run smoothly.

Customized Screens

Demonstrate your brand identity by adding a personalized touch to your voice call screens.


Benefits of Web-based Voice Chat for Consumers

Web-based voice chat for consumers comes with various advantages that improve overall customer satisfaction.

  • Customers who prefer immediate and real-time responses to their inquiries may receive the support they seek through voice chat.
  • Since some customers feel more comfortable with human interaction, voice chat is a convenient way of providing customer support to a wider audience.
  • Voice calls can provide better clarity and nuance in complex issues compared to text messages.
  • The platform allows you to analyze call data, call logs, and agent performance to improve customer satisfaction.